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Ethos and Aims


Whitefriars Infants is characterised by the quality of relationships between children and teachers and the wide range of other adults who actively support our school.  Value and worth are given to each child and every member of staff.  Children are looked upon as individuals, each having their own strengths and needs.  Our school has a lively atmosphere in which children are encouraged to work purposefully and achieve their full potential. 


At Whitefriars Infant School we believe in the concept of lifelong learning and the notion that both adults and children learn new things everyday. We maintain that learning should be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for everyone – it should be FUN! Through our teaching we aim to equip children with the essential skills for learning to enable them to make informed choices about the important things in their lives.


The children are the starting point of the curriculum which focuses on learning and the development of key skills, rather than content. It is regularly reviewed to ensure it reflects the distinctive aims and needs of our pupils.




Whitefriars Infant School embraces challenge and aspires to excellence.
It recognises the vital role it plays in inspiring and developing a life-long love of learning and in creating memories.


It aims to:


  • provide a welcoming, safe and nurturing environment where everyone has a voice
  •  create an environment in which every child understands right and wrong and feels a sense of self-respect, identity and pride
  • enable pupils to recognise and value their place in a diverse and evolving global community
  • offer a curriculum that engages, develops skills and knowledge, provides opportunities for pupils to innovate and express their learning
  • build relationships by respecting and valuing everyone as an individual
  • develop an “I can” attitude
  •  share achievements with parents, classmates and the community
  • work and communicate with all stakeholders


Through the school’s learning characters pupils are taught that creativity, resilience, independence, problem solving, co-operation, communication and enquiry can lead to transformation.


We will not accept any form of discrimination or racist behaviour on the basis of colour, sex, culture or ethnic origin, disability or impairment.