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Greek Day Nov 2016

It almost seemed that Year 6 had been transported back in history, to a time three and a half thousand years ago,when they experienced a history lesson with a difference! Dressed as Ancient Greeks, everyone took part in the activities like role plays, traditional games and some children even got to try on authentic armour.

William Hudson,Yr6, thought that it was "The best day you could possibly have at school!"

Other Year 6 children had this to say:

"Exciting, interesting and a fun way of learning."  Madelyne Reece-Minutolo

"It was an amazing experience for us all. My favourite part was when we got to try on the equipment; it was definitely a memorable experience."  Aiden Seekings

"I thought it was exciting and interesting to learn about the different artefacts in fun way."  Alice Osborne

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