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Headteacher's Welcome

As headteacher here at Whitefriars Primary School, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you for visiting our school website.


Our school has recently opened as a primary school (September 2017) and I am very happy to be the first  headteacher at the new school. Situated in Rushden, a small town in East Northamptonshire, we amalgamated from the former Whitefriars Junior School,  which originally opened in January 1973, and Whitefriars Infant School which originally opened in September 1975.


We are all extremely proud of our school and our wonderful children. We are committed to providing the best possible education for each and every one of our pupils. We know that our school is a happy, stimulating and attractive environment and each child is encouraged to develop a lively, enquiring mind. We have an excellent record in pastoral care and family support. By the time children leave at the end of Year 6, they are well prepared for the next stage of their education.


We are very lucky to have a large site including a few playground areas, wooded and wild exploration area, gardens and sports fields. If you came to visit us we would be pleased to show our well-resourced, bright classrooms as well as our solar dome, our wooden classroom (named ‘Threadgold Cottage’ after the final headteacher at the infant site) and introduce you to our chickens.


The latest OFSTED reports for the former schools rated the schools as ‘good’ and we are continually working to keep improving our school and the education we provide our children.

We hope that this website offers a glimpse of what life is like at Whitefriars Primary as well as giving you any information you need. We know that our school is a wonderful place for pupils to start their education. But please don’t just take our word for it – come and see for yourself. We would be delighted to show you around.


Ms Lucy Burman

Whitefriars Primary School Values and Ethos


Stakeholders at Whitefriars Primary are currently reviewing the values and ethos of our new Primary School.


The values of the former Infant and Junior Schools are below for your perusal.  

Whitefriars Infant School


 ~ Educating, Caring and Inspiring ~


Whitefriars Infant School considers spiritual, moral, social and cultural development to be crucial for individual pupils and for society as a whole. It sees it as the heart of what education is all about - helping pupils grow and develop as people. At Whitefriars Infant School we strive to create a learning environment which promotes respect, diversity and self- awareness and equips all of our pupils with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values they will need to succeed in their future lives.



Junior School Mission Statement




Whitefriars Junior School seeks to develop the full potential of each child in its care, within a Christian community, growing in an awareness of the interdependence of its members - children, parents, governors, staff, and others.




In pursuing our primary purpose of educating children, we strive in all our work to affirm one another, children and staff alike.


Consideration for others.


We aim to promote a moral outlook which engenders self-esteem and respect for the individual.


We encourage a spirit of co-operation and provide occasions for children to take responsibility for the care of others and contribute to their environment. They are given opportunities to act independently in order to promote the qualities of leadership and self reliance.




We aim to provide a challenging, broad-based education, encompassing the National Curriculum. We respect children’s individuality and do our best to develop their talents as well as our own.




We aim to work for a happy, caring, stimulating and safe environment in which all those, pupils and staff alike, engaged in the teaching/learning process can see their positive qualities recognised.


the pursuit of Excellence for all.’


The way we all treat each other and our standards of expectation and behaviour spring from the belief that the very best is to be found in ourselves as well as others.