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Whitefriars Primary School

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Whitefriars Primary School

Who's Who

Meet Our Team

Senior Leadership Team



Headteacher - Ms Lucy Burman


Assistant Head and Upper Key Stage 2 Lead  - Mrs Jennifer James


Assistant Head and Lower Key Stage 2 Lead - Mrs Shona Adams


Assistant Head and Key Stage 1/EYFS Lead - Mrs Katie Brown


SENCO - Mrs Liz Bird

Upper Key Stage 2 Team

Year 6 Teachers

Mrs Nisha Slater and Mrs Alison Pearce, Class 6PS

Mr Aaron Campion, Class 6AC 

Mrs Veronica O'Rourke (additional tutoring and intervention teacher)


Year 6 Teaching Assistants

Mrs Sharon Moffat                                                                          

Mrs Lorraine Edwards

Mrs Janet Wright                                                                       


Year 5 Teachers

Mrs Jennifer James, Class 5JJ

Miss Lauren Stewart, Class 5LS


Year 5 Teaching Assistants

Mrs Vickie Vickers (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Cathy Norton

Mr Simon Beaton                                                                        


Additional Teaching Staff         

PPA Cover and intervention teacher - Mrs Dianne Leigh

Sports Teacher - Mrs Lucy Horsley 

French teacher - Mrs Genevieve Oram

Lower Key Stage 2 Team

Year 4 Teachers

Miss Rebecca Hart, Class 4RH

Mr Sam Payne, Class 4SP


Year 4 Teaching Assistants

Mrs Lisa Clark

Mrs Julie Leybourne

Mrs Lydia Carey


Year 3 Teachers

Mrs Shona Adams, Class 3SA                                                  

Miss Rachel Mallows, Class 3RM                                             


Year 3 Teaching Assistants

Mrs Lianna Smith (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Lindsay Brigginshaw

Ms Nadira Begum

Mrs Allison Hurst


Key Stage 1 and Early Years

Year 2 Teachers

Mrs Stacey Bunce, Beech Class

Miss Sophie Brown, Ash Class


Year 2 Teaching Assistants

Mrs Nicola Reed

Mrs Rhonda Gordon

Mrs Puja Patel (Visual Impairment Support)

Mrs Linda Head

Mrs Claire Burke


Year 1 Teachers

Mrs Katie Brown, Willow Class

Mrs Kirsten Fulton and Mrs Amy Hendry, Elm Class


Year 1 Teaching Assistants

Mrs Karen Curson (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Joanne Brookes

Mrs Claire Morris

Mrs Denise Dyks

Mrs Lucy Horsley (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)


Reception Teachers

Ms Genna Hawes (EYFS leader), Oak Class

Mrs Hayley Dimes, Cedar Class


Reception Teaching Assistants

Mrs Sam Godleman

Mrs Janine Hunt

Mrs Lynn Reed

Mrs Nancy Kavanagh

Enrichment Staff


Inspired PE @LiamNicell - Sports Coaching, Young Sports Leader training, Breakfast Active Club and Gymnastics Club


NMPAT (Northamptonshire Music Service) @NMPATrust - Music tuition and some Music class teaching

Parent Support

Mrs Sarah Thompson-Fitch - Parent Support Advisor


Office Team

Mrs Sallyann Wright - School Business Manager

Mrs Julie Marks - Secretary and Administrator

Miss Claire Angus - Administrator and Receptionist


Site Staff

Site Supervisor - Mr Ken Pearcey

Cleaning Staff - Miss Sarah Allan, Mrs Elaine Horn and Mrs Rose Phelan


Dedicated Lunchtime Staff

Mrs Linda Richardson, Mrs Elaine Horn, Mrs Julie Cockings, Mrs Susan Watts and Mrs Rhona Dettloff