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Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is open to all children from Whitefriars Primary School from 7.30-8.40am Monday to Friday. 


£3.50 a session with breakfast (second sibling £3.25)

£3.00 without breakfast


A variety of breakfast foods are available- cereals, toast, yoghurts and fruit. The children are supervised in the school hall by members of staff.


Places need to be booked in advance; please ask for details, including costs, at the school office. We do, however, reconize that emergencies sometimes happen and on this basis we can usually accept children for Breakfast Club even if a place has not been prebooked.


January 2016

At Breakfast Club we are always eager to improve our service based on the opinions of parents and children.


We recently sent out a questionnaire to see if any improvements could be made to the service we provide. Several parents requested an earlier start time.  Based on this feedback we have now changed our opening times so that the doors open at 7:30am this is to accommodate the needs of parents who require an earlier start time.


Parents also said:

The benefits of attending breakfast club:

 ‘My child gets to mix with other children that they wouldn’t usually play with.’

‘Allows me to pick up from school each day due to an earlier start at work’

 ‘Set routine for children.’


Things parents like:

 ‘My daughter likes to play with her friends before school.’

‘The service is very good and fairly priced.’

‘It is amazingly well organized and reassuring she is safe.’

‘Safe surroundings and a chance to socialise with other age groups.’

‘Staff always helpful and with approach me with concerns.’


Children said:

‘It is brilliant.’

‘When you finish your breakfast you can go and play.’

‘We have friends now.’


Thank you to all of the parents and children that completed and returned the questionnaire.