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History at Whitefriars Primary School is a very important part of the curriculum. It has been planned to link closely with other curriculum areas to ensure children gain a lot from their learning and to make it more memorable. Learning about History is so important. It can influence decisions made in the future, and open our minds to fully understand what has come before and why things are the way that they are now. However, History at Whitefriars isn't just about the high level learning, it is also about being engaging and fun. We use a range of experience days and hands on learning to ensure the children enjoy their learning and see that History is fun, as well as useful.

History around Whitefriars

History Vocabulary

Assessment of History


We assess the learning of historical knowledge and skills against key performance criteria under four areas:

  • Chronological understanding
  • Vocabulary
  • Questioning
  • Knowledge


For further details, please speak to our History Lead, Charlotte Marshall.