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Maths Curriculum at Whitefriars Primary School

Here at Whitefriars, we are committed to supporting children in gaining a deep and secure understanding of mathematics. Since September 2018, we have been part of two research groups organised by the East Midlands South Maths Hub. This is an organisation run by the NCETM focused on 'Maths Mastery' and 'Number Sense in the Early Years'. Please click the link below to discover more about how this has developed the curriculum at our school.

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Power Maths

Our curriculum is designed around the approach set out in Power Maths: a scheme of work designed by Pearson that allows all children to have a deep and secure understanding of many mathematical concepts. In school, we use the online textbook to supplement our teaching. As highlighted in the 'Six-Part lesson structure' document below, Power Maths supports most areas of our teaching. 



The amount of children achieving the expected standard in maths at the end of KS2 in our school rose by 26%: from 62% to 88% between 2018 to 2019. Despite this, we believe that the 'reasoning' element to the maths curriculum is an area we need to continue to focus on. As a result, we are continuing to provide staff with extra concrete and pictorial resources, whilst staff have also recently been provided with a list of 'sentence stems' to encourage them to plan for opportunities for children to explain their understanding. These documents (attached below as 'Whitefriars Mathematicians can reason') are also displayed in each classroom to support the children when explaining.