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Year 1 Homeworking

WB- 13.7.20

This is the last week that we will be setting work on here and on Seesaw.

The activities set this week can be carried on over the summer if you wish but it is not compulsory. 

Enjoy your last week! 

Term 6 Spellings: Weeks 1 to 6

Family reading and storytelling- WB 1.6.20

Maths work for yellow or giraffe groups- WB 1.6.20

Weekly quiz, Maths, English, Phonics, Art, Reading, Speaking and Listening (all in one document) - WB 18.5.20

Tasks for this week- WB: 11.5.20 Please remember to keep reading either using your own books from home or those on Oxford Owl, also to have a look on the YouTube site to find daily phonics lessons.

Please have a look at this site for daily phonics lessons provided by the DfE.

This week's work is available from here to complete into your workbooks. It has also been sent out on Seesaw so that it can be sent to your teacher when you have finished it. That means that they can mark it and return it to you :) 


You may complete the tasks in whichever way you wish. 


1.) There are a few place value sheets on here (on seesaw the sheet/s specific to your child would have been sent) 

2.) A blank book review for you to complete on a book of your choice you have read at home.

3.) Phonics- can you think of some words with the given sounds in them. (on Seesaw specific phonics jobs would have been allocated) 

4.) A phonics wordsearch 

5.) Don't forget your water project!! We can't wait to see them! 


Have a good week.





After the great success with Seesaw in 1HM we are now opening this out to your class.

Please keep an eye on your emails for your own personalised learning code so that you can access Seesaw on the iPad or computer. 

There will be a couple of pieces of work that you can trial on the app and then we can get started properly the week after. smiley 

Thank you 


Hairy MacLary parents,


Log ins should have been sent to you via your emails.

There is now a phonics piece of work that has been sent out via SeeSaw. We will start with this just to see if it is successful. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at the pictures of work you have completed and of yourselves already! You have been very busy!


Good work Hairy Maclary!! smiley

Parents of Hairy MacLary class,


Please keep an eye on your emails this week as we are hoping to send out a document  with your child's personal log in for 'SeeSaw'.

This is a new app/ site that we would like to try in Year 1 (starting with 1HM and then running out to Hedwig if successful). This is something very exciting, as we will be able to set the children some work, they will be able to gain feedback/ comments from us and upload their work by taking a picture so that we can see the exciting things that you have been completing at home! This can be downloaded on an iPad or accessed via a website soon to be provided for a computer.


We are hoping to have this up and running this week for a trial. 

Also for this week, please have a look at the water project below, quiz 3 and continue to practice your spellings and big maths.


Many thanks,

Have a good week,


Mrs Warner smiley 

Ongoing Water Project and Quiz 3- WB: 27.4.20

Big Maths and Spellings (these do not need to printed, they can be read off the screen or copied onto paper if you wish to do some extra practice of these)

Ways to complete work that is set on the website:


The English work for this week can be edited on the computer. You could write your story into your books or continue to type it onto the computer after the opener provided. 

The Maths work can be read via the screen and questions to answer copied into your home- learning books. 

The science quiz can be completed verbally or answers written into your home learning book.


Please do not feel like you have to print anything to stick into your home learning books, although you may wish to do so if you are lucky enough to have access to a printer. You can complete the work without printing, as we know that paper and ink are like gold dust and we know that only a couple of our families had access to a printer so we have planned to take this into account!!      


Have fun!


Mrs Warner + Mrs Leigh smiley 

Maths, English and Science Work- WB: 20.4.20

YEAR 1 QUIZ- WB: 30.3.20

Maths and English work- WB: 30.3.20

Super Sentence Stacking with Jane Considine- WB: 30.3.20

Have a go at the first lesson below and see what fantastic writing you can create! Why not join her every day at 9.45am, there are 4 sessions per week! Record your writing in your home learning book. We are looking forward to having a read of your super work!

Mrs Warner + Mrs Leigh

Science Work WB: 23.3.20 (ongoing project)

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